Summer 2018 Update

The first half of the year has been a very exciting one for the band. Following the appointment of Chris as our new conductor, we have gained several new members and have played in several engagements.

If you missed us why not check out our upcoming engagements? We are looking forward to playing again at the Capel Show on Saturday 18th August and we have to see you there!

On Sunday 13th May we travelled to Horsham to give a concert in the Bandstand in the Park. We were blessed with excellent weather and a good turnout. Here are a few photos from the performance.


We also played the annual Copthorne Carnival on Saturday 30th June during which we battled through the heat to showcase some of the music we have been working on this year. I am still trying to track down any photos/videos from this event and will post them here if they materialise!

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